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Baby and You Antenatal & Postnatal Programme

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and welcome to Parents Centre Aotearoa!  This is an incredible time, as you embark on your parenting journey.

Antenatal classes

Parents Centre antenatal programmes are delivered by qualified educators who hold an annual practicing certificate.  We ensure that the classes provide you with evidence-based information to help you make decisions.  They are carried out in a manner that is interactive, engaging, and fun.

At Bays North Harbour Parents Centre, we serve families primarily in the Castor Bay to Long Bay, Sunnynook, Unsworth Heights, Greenhithe and Albany areas.  This helps you connect with local parents and establish friendships that often carry on after our courses come to an end.  If you do not live in these areas, click here to search for your local Parents Centre.

Location: The Antenatal Courses are held at St Johns Ambulance Training Rooms, 115 Apollo Drive, Albany.

Course Dates:  Select the course date based on when your baby is due. This is a guide to help connect you with other families due around the same time.  

There is flexibility however, if the course before or after the recommended one suits you better, then you can select it.   

Days & Times: 

It may be a weeknight course OR it may be a weekend one, depending on how the dates fall.  

  • The Wednesday night classes run from 6.45pm to 9pm over 6 weeks.
  • The Sunday classes go from 9am to 4.30pm across 2 Sundays. 

Course Schedule is based on your Estimated Due Date (EDD)

  • EDD: July = Sun 5th May and Sun 19th May 2024 
  • EDD: Aug = Wed 22nd May to Wed 26th Jun 2024 
  • EDD: Sept = Sun 14th Jul and 28th Jul 2024 
  • EDD: Oct = Wed 24th Jul and 28th Aug 2024 
  • EDD: Nov = Sun 15th Sep and Sun 29th Sep 2024
  • EDD: Dec = Wed18th Sep to Wed 23rd Oct 2024
  • EDD: Jan & Early Feb = Sun 17th Nov and Sun 1st Dec 2024

Topics include

  • Brief overview of pregnancy topics
  • Choices in childbirth
  • Your labour journey
  • Relaxation, management & coping strategies
  • Support person/Partner’s role
  • Feeding your baby
  • Transition to parenthood
  • Responsive parenting
  • Practical parenting


Postnatal classes

Our postnatal programme follows on from antenatal classes and offer sound tips and strategies as you begin your journey into parenthood.  It is ideal for those with babies up to around 12 weeks old.   All courses are held for 3 weeks on a Wednesday from 10am to 11:30am at Sunnynook Community Centre on the corner of Sunnynook Road and Sycamore Drive.

To see your baby smile, play and grow can be an extraordinary experience.  You will have feelings of tenderness and closeness and a sense of awe at the miracles of the first milestones.

With a new baby, sometimes come uncertainties.  Your tiny bundle may rule the entire household through their routines, sleep patterns and personalities.  This can be very challenging for a new parent, so come and join us and ask your questions.

Topics include

  • A brief reflection birth experience
  • Feeding & Sleeping
  • Communication and Settling pēpi
  • Lifestyle changes and looking after yourself
  • Physical development
  • Social and emotional and brain development
  • Age-appropriate toys and activities

The structure of this course is relaxed and informal with time for your questions and a cuppa. A great opportunity for new parents to get out of the house, meet other parents experiencing the same joys and challenges and foster their coffee group.  


COST $300.00

Moving & Munching

This course is held on Fridays from 10.15-11:45am at the Sunnynook Community Centre on the corner of Sunnynook Road and Sycamore Drive.

The Moving & Munching course is made up of two fun and informative sessions for parents of children aged (or soon to be aged) between 4 and 6 months. Babies are also most welcome to attend!

Some members may have pre-purchased Moving & Munching course as part of their membership package.  If you aren't sure, check your original confirmation booking email.  You can elect to book the Moving & Munching Sessions at any time.  Both Members and Non-Members are welcome to book.

In this course: 


​What will be covered:

  • On the move  - how to support and encourage active movement
  • Rolling
  • Advice on sitting
  • Reflexes
  • Vestibular Development
  • Music and Movement
  • How you can help your baby learn through play and exploration


What will be covered:

  • Why introduce solids around 6 months but not before 4 months
  • Which signs indicate baby may be ready for solids
  • Which foods can be introduced first
  • What are the developmental stages of feeding
  • How to ‘balance’ baby’s milk with solids
  • Which textures are appropriate and when to introduce new textures
  • How, and what stage to offer new foods
  • What are the best times to feed and how much food does baby need
  • Food hygiene: cooking, storing and reheating food
  • Which equipment to use e.g. highchair, bibs, spoons, bowls etc
  • Ideas for snacks and meals at different stages

COST $70.00


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